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Route Maps

Choose one of our pre-planned routes

Click on the below route maps to enlarge. For more information regarding kayak route maps or guided trip details, feel free to contact us.

Or create your own adventure!

Sometimes you would like to explore the area without a guide, and that is completely ok with us. With over 14,000 islands and 65,000 miles of shoreline, countless adventures await. Rent your own gear and discover what the Lake of the Woods Vacation Area has to offer you.

Or, if you need help planning, we can provide a route plan with camping sites and places to see. We can arrange the trip to your specifications, how much time you would like to paddle what your looking for (i.e family time, deep country explorations or historic places etc.) We will work with you to make your trip all it can be. Cost will vary on trip plans please contact us for more information.