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Frequently Asked Questions

What do the kayaking trip costs include?

All kayaking equipment: (Boat, paddle, life jacket, spray skirt) All camping equipment: (tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads) guiding and meals during your trip. Our camping trips include all meals from lunch on the first day to lunch on the last day.

How much experience do I need?

NONE! We design every kayaking trip for people at all levels of experience. Other than those who have traveled with us before, most of our guests will be kayaking for the first time. Kayaking is very easy to learn; with the assistance of our guides, you’ll quickly feel right at home at a skill level adequate to fully enjoy your adventure. For some longer more remote trips it is necessary to be able to swim and some kayak experience is benefit to enjoy the experience to the fullest.

Is it safe?

No one has ever had any serious injury on any of our trips since our first year, 1999. Our number one concern while you are with us is your safety. Our guides are trained in Wilderness First Aid and carry First Aid kits. Many people ask how “tippy” the kayaks are. They are less “tippy” then a canoe because you are lower in the water, because of this you should dress to get wet (drips, splashes, etc) By properly fitting you to your kayak we make sure you feel secure. As well we have tandem kayaks that are extremely stable.

Where are your trips located?

Our trips run in North western Ontario more specifically the Kenora area. Some trips are on Lake of the Woods while other trips are further north. We offer day tours, overnight trips all the way to week long excursions. These areas are pristine and we set our camping standards accordingly. We pride ourselves in being able to locate a trip for any groups needs. Feel free to ask us advice on your own trip or we can custom tailor a trip for you.

Will I be uncomfortable, cold or wet?

Everyone enjoys the wilderness more when they are comfortable, warm and dry. Summer weather is very pleasant in the North western Ontario, with average daytime temperatures in the 70’s. For campers, we provide a luxurious sleeping bag sleeping pad and tent. Your tents are roomy and dry. We aim to make your trip enjoyable by using high quality gear, you will find that if you bring the proper gear we recommend your experience will be more enjoyable.

What are the people like?

Our guests are active and involved and enjoy sharing. We provide a friendly, supportive environment; you do the rest. Our minimum participant requirement to run a trip is 4. Our trips are typically a mix of solo travelers, couples, families and friends from all over the world. A few of our groups have a maximum size of 14 guests with three guides; however, most of our kayaking trips are limited to 12 guests with two guides. You can bring your entire group or join another one. We are here to make your trip, YOUR TRIP.

Are there age limits?

The minimum age for most of our trips is 14 and is intended to insure that all our guests are capable of fully participating in the kayaking and other activities involved. We have no maximum age limit. We are flexible in tailor a trip for all walks of life and will try our best to suit your needs. If you have a young child we can easily but them in the front of one of our tandem kayaks. The ages of most of our guests range from the mid-twenties through mid-sixties.

What if I’m by myself?

There is no reason you can’t come alone! Less than half of our guests are couples. Please call us with any concerns. We can easily add you to a tour or find other like-minded people.

How much do I need to get in shape?

Pre-trip time spent in any activity that uses your upper body will help you enjoy your adventure with us. Expect a moderate workout every kayaking day. We do require that anyone over 65 or with any health or weight concerns consult us before signing up to make sure you are up to fully participating. In the unlikely event of a capsize, it will be necessary to re-enter the kayak from the water, with the guides’ help.

While the seats in our kayaks are comfortable for most people, extremely heavy people will not be able to be comfortable in the kayaks. In addition, those people may not be able to participate for reasons of safety. If you believe you may not be able to fit comfortably and safely in a kayak, please call our office and talk with one of our staff before making a reservation.

When is the best time to go?

Any of our kayaking trips offer a great chance of excellent conditions. We expect an average of only one day with rain each week. June and September are special because you’ll see the fewest other people. You’ll see hundreds of eagles in June. July and August are the busiest months in the area and sometimes the choice campsite may be taken.

Where will we camp?

We choose sites for their beauty and solitude. Each has beautiful views and lookouts for recreation and wildlife. We have many different trips with many different spots.

Will we be able to bathe?

YES. We use locally made soap which is biodegradable. As well we carry solar heated showers. There will be time set aside for personal time, simply tell the group where you are going and your privacy will be respected, you may just experience the best bath of your life.

What should I bring?

A camera! Mainly just your personal belongings. Upon signing up, you’ll get an informative handbook that includes a detailed list of clothing and other recommended items for your kayaking trip.

Which trip is best for me?

Let’s look at length of the trip you’re considering: as kayakers and wilderness lovers, we still think more is better and we are aren’t likely to change that point of view. So we’ll tend to refer to the many times we hear “I should have done the longer one; it was so hard to leave” or something of that nature. But realistically, many folks simply don’t have the time for a full week adventure. So it’s really as simple as: how much time do you have? What is your main motivation? Is it relaxing, exploring, fishing, paddling… once you experience kayaking in these waters, you’re likely to feel a month is not enough.

Nevertheless, with so many people with limited time, we have seen tremendous popularity of our over-night trip. Likewise, the day trip is a great way to get introduced to kayaking. The longer trips mean we see more wilderness and less people.

Are all your trips kayaking?

Not at all. Although kayaking brings us to places must would not see otherwise, we have motor boat trips, kids camps, photo tours. We can also customize any tour to what you like.

Why should I choose Green Adventures?

Experience. Quality. Service. Safety. Integrity. Peace of Mind. These are among the most powerful reasons we all choose one service over another. Green Adventures reputation for excelling and far surpassing the “standard” in each of these categories is what has separated us from other outfitters.

Where to stay in Kenora?

Only a short hike from Green Adventures and situated on the shores of Lake of the Woods – Anicinabe Park is where you should camp when in town. With 45 RV Sites, 38 Tent Sites, Showers/Washrooms and Playground area, this spot is popular with locals and tourists alike.


Please feel free to contact us – we are happy to help.