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Canoe Lessons

Paddle Canada’s national paddling programs have proven themselves to be the ideal mechanism to extend and deliver our mandates of environmental awareness and protection as well as the preservation of the canoe and kayak as a part of our national heritage. More Canadians are, and continue to be, exposed to Paddle Canada’s message through our instructional programs than ever before.

About Our Program:

As part of the Paddle Canada teaching format, paddlers are taught the technical skills to help them experience safer and more enjoyable recreational paddling experiences. Scott Green is CRCA Level 1 and Flatwater Instructor certified.

  • Level: Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced
  • Included: Instruction by knowledgeable CRCA level 1 and flatwater instructor, canoe rental, safety gear.
  • Book Lesson: Contact Green Adventures

We offer Skill + Instructor Courses for the following:

  • Introduction to Canoeing (emphasizes learning boat control so that paddlers will gain the skills and knowledge to be safe and have fun)
  • Waterfront Program (the items chosen for inclusion in this program are of importance to individuals being introduced to canoeing in a camp style environment)
  • Lake Canoe (includes Waterfront and Canoeing Basics)
  • Whitewater Canoe
  • Canoe Tripping (Outlines the skills required for 4 day/3 night trips)

Paddlers are also taught the Leave No Trace principles for active environmental awareness and protection in order to help ensure that we can all continue to enjoy Canada’s many waterways and wilderness for years to come.

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Contact Green Adventures to enroll in a canoe lesson or CRCA Instruction and develop confidence in your paddling skills. Or rent a canoe for a long trip or simply few hours to explore the Kenora region.