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Scott and Leah GreenSCOTT + LEAH

Scott’s passion for outdoor adventure started from his family’s regular boating and fishing trips on Lake of the Woods. He took his own path after high school, traveling solo on a tour of Europe, working in a variety of jobs and learning a lot about himself and the world along the way. Scott came to realize that he is first and foremost an entrepreneur. He started Green Adventures in 1999, which at that time was mainly a guiding service. He then went to Lakehead University and got his degrees in Outdoor Recreation, Geography and Education, while operating his business in the summers.

After graduating and coming back to Kenora, Scott was a teacher for a few years but ultimately felt a drive to return to his entrepreneurial nature. He made the leap and gave up teaching to focus solely on Green Adventures and picked up the contract for operation of Anicinabe Park, which compliments his mission of getting people outdoors perfectly. When the offer to operate Mount Evergreen Ski Hill came available, Scott jumped at the opportunity; the perfect final piece of the puzzle to make Green Adventures a year-round outdoor hub.

“If I were an animal, I would be a moose, because they are somewhat clumsy, I am at home in the water, I’m stubborn and I’m big.” – Scott Green

Leah originated in the town of Renfrew in the beautiful Ottawa Valley. She’s a hick from the sticks who grew up skiing and snowboarding at Calabogie Peaks, sliding on any hill available, skating, swimming and canoeing in the Ottawa and Madawaska Rivers, and taking family camping trips to Algonquin Park. In high school she participated in a variety of sports and followed her cousin/partner in crime into the sport of wrestling which resulted in her heading North to Thunder Bay, to attend Lakehead University.

At University Leah studied Psychology and traveled this great country attending wrestling tournaments on weekends. It was in Thunder Bay where Leah crossed paths with Scott Green, the smooth-talking Outdoor Recreation, who took her on tours of his Northern Ontario world and wooed her with rock climbing, kayaking, fishing and hiking. Scott successfully “set the hook” by inviting her to come live in Kenora, and the rest is history. Leah is now Leah Green, with two Green babies on a lifelong green adventure.

“If I were an animal I would be a unicorn, cuz I like horses and also flying”.


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Joe was born and raised in the beautiful city of Kenora. He had the privilege of growing up beside his uncle’s farm, which allowed him to discover nature first hand. He enjoyed hiking, biking and building forts all over the land. However, as he got older, the farm was not all play. It was here, spending beautiful summer days not on the lake but in the field throwing hay, where he learned hard work.

Joe was also lucky to be raised by two wonderful parents. His mother loving and his father always searching for adventure, lead to daily trips to Norway beach in Redditt, and the annual portage trip from Lake Ena to Lake Vermillion in the summer. As for winter, snowmobiling and ice fishing were always tops on the list. Throughout high school, Joe played multiple sports such as hockey and volleyball. This is where he also strived to maintain average grades with minimal efforts. Without knowing what he wanted to do after high school, he followed his friends to Lakehead University to study in the field of Outdoor Recreation, Parks in Tourism.

At Lakehead, Joe gained more knowledge of the outdoors with his already vast experience in them. He also learned more of the business and political side. During his time in the program he had the opportunity to bike from Thunder Bay all the way down to Minneapolis. He made the journey in about a week, learning about tourism in small communities along the way. He also regrets not training for this trip. Today Joe is a proud employee of Green Adventures and looks forward to bringing fun, adventure and opportunity to those who live and visit Kenora.

Favourite Outdoor Activity: Joe does not have one specific favourite outdoor activity. If he is able to do anything outside that can turn into a fun yet somewhat competitive game, he’s in.

If he could be any animal it would be a….
A bird of some sort.. Maybe a hawk or a falcon.. Cause flying would be cool."


Randy was born and raised in Kenora and has spent every summer of his life at their family camp on Coney Island on Lake of the Woods. His mom (Fearless Faithie) used to drive him to town for school by boat in any weather - fair or foul. Swimming, sailing, canoeing and waterskiing have been a part of his daily life on the lake.

After 15 years away managing luxury hotels, tall ship tour operations, concert halls and a symphony orchestra, the draw of the lake pulled him back here permanently in 2015.

He is Green Adventure’s official Boat-rocker ... pushing us to raise the bar, then raise it again and again, pushing us to excel at everything we do, to deliver “WOW!” factor customer service, to be boldly proud of our many successes and create awesome memories and experiences for every one of our customers.

If Randy could be any animal, he would be a dolphin so that he could live, breathe, and eat in the water – his favourite place to be!




Canadian Recreational Canoeing Association
Level I, Flatwater Instructor Certified

Ontario Recreational Canoeing Association
Ontario Rec. Canoeing Assoc.

Wilderness First Aid
Wilderness First Aid (Adventure Medic)

Padi Open
Water Diver

Food Safe
Ontario Food
Safe Certified

Sunset Country Member
Sunset Country Member

Tourism Kenora
Kenora Tourism Member


"The [Lake of the Woods] region should only be explored under the guidance of experts who take charge of all aspects from equipment to navigation. Ensure your tour operator knows the region and that they have he required safety equipment."

- Sea Kayaking Safety Guide, Fisheries and Oceans Canada